nebByte ;]

Welcome to my page. I am Ben Hartnett AKA nebByte. I have made my site so simple so you can have a user friendly experience. You'll find links to my creations and my blog which is updated every week with my writings. My writings include anything from writing about subjects to poetry.

News   Update 8/29/2017: New webstite launched. It is easier to navigate. Youtube channel is coming soon. You will be able to access all of my creations and writings from this very page. Facebook page coming this week as well as an Instagram profile. Soon I will set up a Twitter account.

My Creations: Access my music   Access my computer games

Youtube Channel: coming soon

My Writings: My Knowledge Blog. Enjoy new writings weekly!

Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat/Twitter: Coming soon! You will be to see more of what I am doing!

Ben's New Book: I am in the process of writing a book about my life. It will be published. More to know soon.