Hello :) I am Ben Hartnett! I am a married man who has been married for almost 7 years. I am working on my BS degree in Software Engineering (I have 10 months left). Also, I write electronic dance music and, I also develop computer games! In addition, I am a learner. I love learning new things. I previously had an old web site called KnowMore. This web site was meant to show everything I have learned. Now it is different. I will be posting a summary of what I learn on my blog which you can find on the Knowledge Blog link! It will be written in a way that is easy to understand. One of the biggest differences here on my new web site is you won't be able to view my old creations. HOWEVER! There may be random times where I decide to create a project vault where you can download one of my old creations be it music or games. This creates special sense for my older projects. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site!

Upcoming Releases updated 5/12/2016

I have planned a big release. I have been silent in writing computer games. I am working on my biggest project yet. Check below for what I will be releasing.

New Songs Here are two new songs that have been released! Techno and Electro House. Enjoy! Living Techno Rage Stars of Tomorrow

New article!...Our life purpose: Click Here

New Article!...God is our Creator and he loves you: Click Here


There will be a total of 3 About A Gun games. Each with a different style of gameplay. First, as an appetizer, there will be the mini game release which should be soon -maybe this month. This mini game features 20 levels with bonus features. The second game I cannot say much because it is not in development yet. However, I am workimg on the final installment which is a RPG version of About A Gun. So...What will I call this series? About A Gun Bundle Series. The RPG version will be require a lot of work because I plan to make it a big game. The platformer version will be a game and not a mini game. The RPG will be released last. I will be posting teasers.

Finally, a new addition to the KnowMore blog. There will be frequent postings called Knowledge Boards. It is knowledge snippets of stuff I have studied.