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Welcome to my site ;]. My name is Ben Hartnett. I am an independent EDM artist, game developer, software developer and writer. Here you will find all my creations. You can check out all my music, writings, games and software from this site. You will also be able to check on updates. You can access my Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, and more!
Updates >>New site launched

I am working on several projects. First, I am currently working on developing apps for Windows platform using the UWP. I am also working on developing apps for smart phones. While I am learning this, I am writing my music soon to be published. I am also writing a book.

You can check my blog as I will be updating it every other day with new things I learn.

About Me

I am married to the love of my life. I graduated college with a degree in software engineering. I graduated with a 3.02 GPA. I write electronic dance music, I write, I love to learn.

I-Tunes: The Space Inbetween
Spotify: The Space Inbetween
I-Tunes: My Mind
Spotify: My Mind

>>Works in Progress: new studio album coming soon